mercoledì 29 febbraio 2012

EPISODE 5 First look

Ecco qui un piccolissimo assaggio della matita di Angelica Regni.
Ancora Skinwalker episodio 5 e`in piena lavorazione, come il 4 e`immerso nella colorazione di Martina Terzi.

Quindi... Rimanete in attesa
Stiamo lavorando per voi e per Skinwalker.


There is a small taste of Agnelica Regni`s pencils.
Skinwalker episode 5 is now in progress, and number 4 is being colored by Martina Terzi.

So... Stay tuned
We are working for you and for Skinwalker.


“There are people who can do all fine and heroic things but one - keep from telling their happiness to the unhappy.”
Mark Twain

Toronto. Today.
Adam Reznik is a mediocre young man, who works in a mediocre fast food restaurant called Hot
Happy Dog, together with Paula Esperanza, an immigrant who's always striving to get Canadian
citizenship; everyday, Adam is compelled to deal with vegan demonstrators in front of the
restaurant, he loves playing video-games and smoking marijuana. He is a boy who had never caused
anyone problems, he likes to preserve his own anonymity.
His parents died in an airplane crash, leaving him a spacious house that is now a shelter to
cockroaches, cigarette butts and left-overs; since his parents' death, Adam has literally abandoned
his kippah, leaving behind the religion he never felt part of, but which was imposed on him by his
Adam's dull and indebted life (at a certain point he accepts an online request of a woman offering
5000 dollars for a contract wedding, in order to get Canadian citizenship) is turned upside down
when agent Miller and agent Palmer knock on his door; they work for GCSS, Governmental
Company Studies on Sleep, a society that pays selected subjects to be monitored for their research
on sleeping disorders; this is what happens to Adam, who is offered 2000 dollars a month to be
monitored through small cameras installed in his house; Adam's only duty is to go back home and
spend the night there, every single day... Obviously, Adam accepts the offer.
After the first “new” night as a government's sponger, Adam starts to have strange hallucinations.......

Script by me.
Sketch and pages by Nico Cesc!

martedì 28 febbraio 2012

La foto piu' bella del mondo...

Non ci sono parole per commentarla... Veramente...


Rosi, Maini, Galla', Calamti!
Lover Dream Team XD


Imperium, first color attempt.

Mama where are you?!?

There was no way they could have known that morning
That they awoke upon a fateful day
The killer wind came down without a warning
and no one had the chance to get away

The firemen were brave they fought with honor
But the blaze was more than it appeared to be
And one by one they fell beside their comrades
The victims of a foe they could not see

Mama where are you - Papa where did you go
And where are all the children who used to play here
Only heaven knows

What they saw defied all explanation
Someone said the trees were glowing red
They say the light came from the radiation
But maybe it’s the spirits of the dead

Gone the homes the gardens and the playgrounds
Gone the souls who made their livings here
They say this place will always be a ghost town
It will be for at least six hundred years

giovedì 23 febbraio 2012

SKINWALKER Chapter 4 Preview

The awesome cover drawn by FRANCESCO DELLA SANTA and colored by LEONARDO CALAMATI.

Ed anche su questo fronte ci sono buone nuove, SKINWALKER episodio 4 e' in lavorazione, pronto ad uscire per gli inizi della primavera.

Questa volta al team creativo della serie si sono aggiunti il bravissimo disegnatore ALESSANDRO BENVENUTO e la fedelissima MARTINA TERZI, reduce del terzo episodio della serie.

Ecco qui alcune tavole in anteprima, tutte quelle che vedrete prima dell'uscita del fumetto, e sopra la favolosa copertina realizzata da Francesco Della Santa e colorata da Leonardo Calamati.


Good news on this front, SKINWALKER EPISODE 4 is in process and will be out at the beginning of next Spring.

And now the talented artists ALESSANDRO BENVENUTO and MARTINA TERZI, veterans of EPISODE 3, joined our creative team.

Here is a preview of some pages of the new episode.

IMPERIUM - Work in progress

Finalmente posso cominciare a postare qualche bozza e studio del Work in progress che sto affrontando col bravo Francesco Della Santa; il progetto si chiama IMPERIUM, una storia inusuale di supereroi basata su antichi miti ormai dimenticati ed applicati ad un probabile futuro post crisi mondiale.
Ecco qui alcuni studi e piu' avanti ne postero' altri, enjoy:


Finally I can post some sketches and studies of the project I and Francesco Della Santa are working at; the project is titled IMPERIUM, an unusual superhero story based on ancient myths now forgotten and applied to a possible post world crisis future.
Here some sketches, soon others will follow, enjoy:

Alcuni studi del protagonista KERNEL e della sua armatura.
Sotto invece ci sono: una visuale dall'alto a cui Francesco sta ancora lavorando e per la quale mi sta maledicendo, le matite della seconda pagina del fumetto e la prima pagina definitiva appena inchiostrata da Francesco.


Some studies of the main character, KERNEL, and of his armor.
Below there is: A Pan shot Francesco is working at now, and for this panel I think he cursed me; the pencils of the comic's second page and the first finished page just inked by Francesco.