mercoledì 29 febbraio 2012


“There are people who can do all fine and heroic things but one - keep from telling their happiness to the unhappy.”
Mark Twain

Toronto. Today.
Adam Reznik is a mediocre young man, who works in a mediocre fast food restaurant called Hot
Happy Dog, together with Paula Esperanza, an immigrant who's always striving to get Canadian
citizenship; everyday, Adam is compelled to deal with vegan demonstrators in front of the
restaurant, he loves playing video-games and smoking marijuana. He is a boy who had never caused
anyone problems, he likes to preserve his own anonymity.
His parents died in an airplane crash, leaving him a spacious house that is now a shelter to
cockroaches, cigarette butts and left-overs; since his parents' death, Adam has literally abandoned
his kippah, leaving behind the religion he never felt part of, but which was imposed on him by his
Adam's dull and indebted life (at a certain point he accepts an online request of a woman offering
5000 dollars for a contract wedding, in order to get Canadian citizenship) is turned upside down
when agent Miller and agent Palmer knock on his door; they work for GCSS, Governmental
Company Studies on Sleep, a society that pays selected subjects to be monitored for their research
on sleeping disorders; this is what happens to Adam, who is offered 2000 dollars a month to be
monitored through small cameras installed in his house; Adam's only duty is to go back home and
spend the night there, every single day... Obviously, Adam accepts the offer.
After the first “new” night as a government's sponger, Adam starts to have strange hallucinations.......

Script by me.
Sketch and pages by Nico Cesc!

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